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You Can Help: One Video, One Bolt

The Thaitanium Project is a non-profit effort dedicated to providing and installing titanium climbing bolts throughout Thailand. Due to a rare convergence of environmental conditions and minerals contained within the rock itself, Thailand's existing bolts have experienced grossly accelerated metal fatigue and oxidation, leading to unsafe climbing conditions and a substantial increase in the risk associated with climbing many of the popular routes.

Thaitanium Project Trailer (1:32)

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100% of the profits made from the sale of the film go toward the re-bolting efforts.

To help raise the necessary funding, those involved developed a documentary. Entirely filmed in Thailand and featuring breathtaking landscapes, the film is priced to cover the cost of removing one existing decaying stainless steel bolt and installing one new titanium bolt. This process of re-bolting is a high-risk endeavor and therefore requires a substantial amount of gear to ensure both the safety of the workers and the efficiency of the project. We hope that you will enjoy our documentary and understand that by purchasing a copy you have made a substantial contribution to the safety of climbers throughout Thailand.

Thank you for your continued support,

Josh Lyons - Founder, Thaitanium Project

History of Thailand climbing

Who popularized rock climbing in Thailand? James Bond or a postcard?
May 1, 2012 | 0 comments

While no one knows for sure when the first climbing in Thailand began, recent history begins in the 1980s when Pra-Nang Bay in Southern Thailand was known only to a few adventurous travelers, and as a relatively unexplored beach destination at that. Few dared to venture outside the safety and comfort of Phuket Island’s giant beach resorts. But seeking new adventures, travelers eventually made their way across the bay to Phi Phi Islands and a small fishing town by the name of Krabi.

Theories About Discovery

Equally unclear as Thailand climbing's origins is who should be credited with realizing the potential for rock climbing in the Pra-Nang Bay. A few tales have been passed around about the discovery of these fabled cliffs. In one version it was tourists traveling to the Phi Phi Islands Read more

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